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Spotify’s Revenue Model Is Brain Food

I was intrigued by how Spotify makes money after offering unlimited music for a flat fee. While music may seem "unlimited", it's actually a neat marketing trick. The real lens is time, which is very limited. Spotify earns a fixed fee per month per user (~$1.5 in India). It pays artists ~$0.005 per "stream" (i.e.

How Will Venture Capital Change In The Next Decade?

VCs have brought very important innovations to the world, but there have been hardly any important innovations in the VC world, to name- ICOs, Crowdfunding, Venture builders, etc. However, with advancements in Artificial Intelligence and availability of data at almost no cost, the VC Industry is a fertile ground for adopting data-driven strategies to ramp

Is It A Good Idea To Start A Startup Straight Out Of College?

Do you know what this is? It’s called a PAYCHECK… Do you know what happens when you bite it? You get trapped and reeled in! Do you know where most of your entrepreneurial dreams will end? They will die! It’s a slow painful death… like a fish out of water! You will be decorated and

What Are The Best Resources For New Entrepreneurs In India?

Govt. Initiatives / Schemes: The Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (lists various government schemes for entrepreneurs) Business Portal of India (a single  window access to all possible business related information  vital for an  entrepreneur, particularly for those of small and medium  firms) The Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Information Service (assists techno-preneurs in finding technologies, projects,

What Is The Biggest Lie We Tell Entrepreneurs About How To Succeed?

Lie #1: Work hard and you will succeed! False… In the Digital Age, hard work is NOT good enough anymore! We may work 24/7, but if our business model is irrelevant or outdated, there’s no way to achieve success. Strategy wins wars, NOT brute force. Lie #2: You need to know everything about business to succeed!

What Are The Best Ways To Think Of Ideas For A Startup?

Here are a few orthodoxies, aka conventional wisdom: People will never buy things online. They want to touch and feel of the product. People will never buy shoes online. You have to try it before buying. People will never buy spectacles online. That is a ridiculous idea. People will never look online for dating. How

Why Apple May Die?

Apple, like Blackberry and Nokia, did in the past, produces end-to-end solutions - i.e. it makes the operating system and hardware for its products. And, as Blackberry and Nokia have already shown, that's a risky space to be in. Building end-to-end solutions is a weaker business model - it will always be at risk from

How Vijay Shekhar Sharma Is Getting Richer Even When PayTM Is Facing Losses?

Let me explain with an example. Any company founder when starts a company goes through legal registration, for example, I am founding a private limited company, I have to invest Rs 100000 as share capital and I will be sole director of the company. Now, after some time, I want to expand my business so

What Is The Best Advice For A Young, First-time Startup CEO?

Being a CEO does not mean that you are the boss. “There is only one Boss: the customer. and he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” CEO Is not only a single post, if you are a startup CEO then you have to

What Is Defensible Advantage For A Startup?

In 2016, Trump called Kim Jong (North Korea), a mad man on a suicide mission / a rocket man who will destroy his own regime. A few days back, Trump says, Kim Jong deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to warming US-North Korea relations. Trump also says "We fell in love with each

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