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What are the different methods to determine the valuation of your startup?

What do you understand by valuation?  In common parlance, valuation is an estimated worth of something. Now, going with the flow, a start-up valuation is the monetary worth of the startup or business in question. The crux of the any business lies in the capital of the go-getter.  Hence, it becomes more important to determine

Samsung Venture marks its debut in India; invests in 4 startups

  GURUGRAM, India – July 10, 2019 – Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), the investment arm of South Korea-based electronics giant Samsung Group, today announced its maiden investments in India, totaling USD 8.5 million across four Indian startups, marking its first foray into India. Samsung Venture, which co-invests with other venture funds, has over $2.2

This startup will help you crack your dream job interview : The Skill Prodigy story

It is a fact that every country and the organisations that power its economy require manpower that is skilled enough to handle the pressures that come with the job and to provide meaningful opportunities for professional growth. This year, India Skills Report which is a joint initiative of Wheebox, a Global Talent Assessment Company; PeopleStrong,

What is scrum management and how it can help build better products?

Scrum Management is a subset of Agile Project Management and is defined as a methodology for administering software delivery that comes under the broad category of Agile Project Management. Now, what is Agile Project Management? Agile Project Management is a repetitive approach to planning and guiding project processes. An agile project is completed in small

Union Budget 2019: Is there a widening gap between the rich and the poor yet?

Did the Budget make an impact to the 134 crore Indians out there? It was just 2 days ago, i.e. 5th July 2019, when the newly elected Modi Government presented its first Union Budget wherein the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the only 2nd woman in the history of Independent India presented the Union Budget 2019-20

Union Budget 2019 : What’s in it, for startups?

The newly elected Finance Minister, Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman, presented the Union Budget 2019 yesterday in the Lok Sabha. A historic budget in the sense that Sitaraman is the first full-time female Finance Minister, the budget intends to boost the national economy by injecting growth and development through a set of remarkable reforms for the 134

7 legal mistakes that can harm your startup

 Startup ecosystem, as the name suggests does not function in isolation. There are a number of factors that potentially affects any startup to various extents such as political, environmental, technological and legal.However, the legal factors play a very crucial role in order to have a smooth functioning of the same. But there are few problematic

Ratan Tata-backed data platform Atlan raises Rs.18 crores in pre-Series A round

Data collaboration platform Atlan has raised Rs 18 crore in Series-A funding, led by Water-Bridge Ventures in a pre- Series A round.Founded in 2018 by Prukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka, it helps teams in large organisations collaborate smoothly on data projects by democratizing both internal and external data, along with automating repetitive tasks and counts

Japan ready to splurge on Indian startups with new ‘Fund of Funds’

India–Japan relations have traditionally been strong. With a great history of congenial relationship, the two countries have now taken it further by working together towards the startup and investor ecosystem. As the history reveals there have been many Indian startups that are backed by Japanese investors, venture capitalists in the last few years. In May

How bootstrapped startup Hexpressions is building sustainable, eco-friendly homes with paper-based technology

  The name ‘Hexpressions’ really stands out for the meaning it gives to Abhimanyu Singh and Shilpi Dua’s startup venture. Using paper technology to build affordable housing solutions, Hexpressions is an extension of the founders’ expression of ideas and innovative thinking. Both the founders decided to name their startup ‘Hexpressions’ after being inspired by the

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