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It is a fact that every country and the organisations that power its economy require manpower that is skilled enough to handle the pressures that come with the job and to provide meaningful opportunities for professional growth. This year, India Skills Report which is a joint initiative of Wheebox, a Global Talent Assessment Company; PeopleStrong, a leading HR Tech Company and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) stated that Employability had risen to a new high of 47% this year – An increment of almost 2-3 percentage points since last year and a huge change of over 15% points in the past 5 years (from 33% in 2014).

 Skill Prodigy a startup founded by Neeraj Puntambekar and Ritu Raj Das, that is building a multi-feature, mock interview app that connects job seekers to industry-leading mentors and experts for gathering feedback for themselves. The professionals can upload audio and video responses to the mock interview questions and then receive advice and suggestions from the mentors on their strengths and weaknesses through a 360-degree feedback mechanism.


How does the app work?

Using the app is pretty simple. Users just have to download the Skill Prodigy app from the Play Store and register themselves to the platform. Once done, they can now choose a question of their own choice and upload answers in either audio or video formats for their peers and experts to review. The app is unique in the sense that it brings the feel of a closely-knit professional network where users and their peers can review and provide feedback to each other’s questions. If you intend to seek the opinion of an industry expert as someone who specialises in a particular area, you can request expert feedback.

Unlike other competitors in the market, Skill Prodigy’s product is more of an individual’s “in your pocket” learning partner, which can be accessed on the go through a smartphone app. The database of questions included by the company in their product helps people understand the nature and format of how professional interviews take place.

Skill Prodigy works on a peer-to-peer (P2P) model and since having like-minded individuals around oneself fosters a feeling of shared knowledge, the social community helps such individuals immensely both in terms of experience and the insights one might get when trying to crack an interview in those companies.

For individuals looking for a very specific kind of mentoring, Skill Prodigy also offers customised mentoring plans for those who want to put an extra mile into making themselves job prepared.


Who are its competitors?

The soft skills industry in India is a pretty competitive market with a host of companies mushrooming in the space. Skill Prodigy, however, with its unique approach to the interview prep landscape, hopes to breathe fresh air into the stagnant market, that often lacks quality guidance and mentoring for those just starting to find their feet in the corporate world. As per the founders, its main competitors as of now would include apps like English House, Interview Buddy etc., and offline training workshops and institutes.

The founders say that since the offline model doesn’t allow the members of such workshops to reach out to specialist mentors post the completion of the workshop, Skill Prodigy helps them to seek opinions from those in superior positions, whenever they want.


What challenges does Skill Prodigy face moving forward?

As per a member of the team, the biggest challenge is to find the quality trainers who can help them achieve the goal they want with Skill Prodigy and also the fact that access to college placement cells in tier-2 and 3 cities can sometimes get challenging as they might not understand the importance and viability of the product Skill Prodigy offers.


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The business model that Skill Prodigy adopts is pretty straightforward. They have 3 plans in place at different price points so as to provide significant value to job seekers who flock to the platform. Apart from this, the team at the startup also conducts workshops in universities across the country, while doing the first one at the location absolutely free-of-cost.


Moving forward, the Skill Prodigy founders want to invest heavily in brand-building to increase the reach for their product and scale it on a pan-India level by the end of this year, ultimately making it the top destination for those taking their first steps into the corporate workforce.


Authored by Manan Trivedi , Head of Content(StartUp Monk)


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